SPIRITUAL MATURITY // We believe we can measure a disciple’s maturity by how well he or she loves, and love expresses itself most clearly through service and sacrifice.

Community Groups @ RCC
Some of our RCC folks share what community groups mean to them.
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Read the Bible in 2023

December 07, 2022 | RCC Staff
​How many of you have wanted to read through the Bible, but have never done it? Well, here’s your chance. We are encouraged to meditate on the Scriptures “day and night” (Psalm 1:2
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News from the Elders: October ‘22 Recap

November 08, 2022 | RCC Staff
Hundreds of community neighbors flooded our campus on October 22 to participate in the “Harvest Fest ‘22” event. The event was designed to serve, meet needs, and provide critical
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The Best is Yet to Come

November 03, 2022 | Ken Alvis
​We humans have amazing bodies. In fact, here are some amazing facts about our amazing bodies: The entire surface of your skin is replaced every month. The skin is the largest org