RELATIONAL DISCIPLESHIP // We believe in making disciples in relational small groups with an intentional leader using a reproducible process. We are a church that makes disciples who make disciples.

Community Groups @ RCC
Some of our RCC folks share what community groups mean to them.
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Remember When…

February 11, 2021 | Melissa Brogdon
2020 will always be a year to remember; how will you recount it? What will you cling to and what will you choose to let go?
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The Reason for His Staff in Dark Days

February 04, 2021 | Bill Wills
I notice today that many seem full of angst. I do not blame them, I feel it too. There is a deep rise of crying out to God these days. “Where are you! Why is this happening!
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Masterpieces for a Purpose

January 14, 2021 | Ken Alvis
Your value is not what others say about you or what you have or have not done. No, your value is determined by who made you and each one of us is wonderfully made.