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Ronnie & Louella
Ronnie and Louella share how the hope of Jesus Christ changed their lives.
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Taking the Scenic Route

June 14, 2019 | Steve Downs
How many of us like to take the straightest, fastest and most efficient route to get to our destination? How many of us plug an address into our phones and listen to a lady with
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Proving God?

May 29, 2019 | Angelo Frazier
God has given us His word the Bible, creation, and transformed lives as evidence of not only what He can do, but who He is.
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Guard Your Heart Above All Else

April 24, 2019 | Steve Downs
​Your heart is what really defines who you are as a person. It controls your thoughts, feelings, desires, choices and will. Proverbs 23:7 and 27:19 tell us that our hearts